We've made custom flags for people, businesses, events and government departments for over 20 years. Putting corporate logos, messages and images on flags enables you to display your branding in high profile locations.

Most custom flags are printed on heavyweight nylon and are made in Canada. From stick flag size up to as big as your budget will allow, you can determine the size of your custom flags. Standard sizes for custom printed flags are:
18"x36"    24"x36"    27"x54"    36"x54"    36"x60"    36"x72" (most popular)    54"x108"

Flags are printed using the dye-sublimation process, where the fibers of the fabric are printed through to the reverse side, meaning the back side of the flag displays the image in reverse. Considering that a flag is a moving object, this single-sided printing usually suffices, however double-sided flags where both sides read the same way, can be printed (twice the cost). In addition a black-out piece of material has to be used, resulting in a finished product that is heavy and requires higher winds to fly, particularly in the larger sizes. As an alternative we often recommend a double sided banner instead.